About the Founder

Reg Morgan Designs mission is to provide quality service and designs for personal and professional use while giving the customer the lead on the design vision! You provide the vision and details, we design the product for you with hands on communication!Reg Morgan Designs began as a hobby in June 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Originally focused on event planning and coordinating through The Reg Morgan Experience, events were being cancelled due to the world not only fighting sickness, but racial injustice as well. As someone who marched and peacefully protested in Louisville, KY and fighting for Breonna Taylor, she needed mask and t-shirts to protest in to spread positive messages. The hobby quickly gained the attention of friends and family who encouraged her to take the leap of faith, making this crafting hobby a full time business due to her customer service, timeliness and quality. In January 2021, The Reg Morgan Designs birthed into a full business."I take great pride in giving people what they want and surpassing their expectations! My customer always comes first!"

-Regina "Reg Morgan" Garr